Holiday Lunch at Carraway – A Big “Thank You” to our Coworkers & Clients

Saying, “Thanks!” goes a long way in work and life. As a Project Manager, it is important that gratitude is shown to the people I work with.  

When dealing with a building owner or client, saying “thanks,” on change order approval or work payment or does go a long way. It shows that we respect our customers, their position, and their ability to understand situations involving a complex scope or work with unforeseen conditions. It also shows that we appreciate the trust our clients give to us when they put their project in our hands.

Some projects might be considered simple or small to a company that builds big projects every day, but to an Owner, this project is of singular importance. We understand this, hence we show sincere gratitude to our clients for choosing March Construction to run their projects. We are here to make the Owner feel more comfortable throughout sometimes a difficult and stressful process. Doing business with them could lead to possible future referrals or more work. Not only is it polite to say “thanks,” it’s an essential part of doing great business.

Thanking the workers involved is also important. March takes pride in whom we hire to perform the chosen tasks that must be done to complete a project. (See “Choosing Subcontractors in Construction Management”) It starts with receiving bids, procuring shop drawings and materials, and of course the quality of work performed for each item.

It is sometimes hard to say “thanks,” to each individual worker, and we want to thank them all. In order to accomplish this, we decided to have a Holiday lunch for all the 75 workers on site for a day at our Carraway Housing project in Harrison, NY for Toll Brothers. When each worker entered the trailer, we said “thanks” to each individual as they walked by and they were happy that we took the time to think of them during the busy holiday season. We want them to know that they are part of the true “team” experience and that their time and efforts do not go unnoticed.

Saying “thanks” has always gone a long way in work, life, and business—gratitude is timeless.  

Article by Project Manager Thomas Easse

Holiday Lunch at Carraway Luxury Apartments project currently under construction by March.

Holiday Lunch at Carraway Luxury Apartments project currently under construction by March.