3 Things to Consider When Building Senior Housing Apartments

Building Senior Housing Apartments, Retirement & Independent Living Communities in 2019 by March Construction

Building Senior Housing Apartments, Retirement & Independent Living Communities in 2019 by March Construction

On Building Senior Housing Apartments, Retirement & Independent Living Communities in 2019 by March Construction.

The Demand for Senior Housing Rises

As 76 million “Baby Boomers” in their 60’s are retiring, the demand for senior housing rises. Creating a senior housing facility can prove to be a worthwhile investment with some careful planning. Due diligence in planning this facility includes evaluating your community and choosing a flat area with access to major roads. Contacting a construction management company who specializes in senior apartments is critical in helping you with all of the complexities of dealing with town zoning laws and officials, as well as planning, designing and building from concept to completion. 

Privacy and Independence in Modern Design Trends

In the late 1990s, a movement began to deinstitutionalize senior living. As part of the movement, open-plan, residential-scale settings have become popular. Today’s top trends in senior housing focus on optimizing resident privacy and independence. Separating your facility from the traditional “nursing home” is one of the most important qualities people consider when choosing a senior housing facility. This can be accomplished by offering more living space, privacy, and modern decorations. When creating a long-term care, assisted living, or independent living facility—offering residents multiple options in terms of care and independence while still feeling “at-home” gives them a secure place they can count on for the remainder of their lives.

Meet with each professional to develop a plan for the community layout, including plans for various interior and exterior amenities. Mid-level senior housing projects are generally wood-framed with standard features; high-level projects are generally steel or concrete with high-level luxury finishes. Amenities typically include dining rooms with demonstration kitchens, in-house beauty salons, fitness centers with a rehab area and more. Some of the top senior housing facilities can include a movie theater, art studio, tavern, pool, and a park-like exterior for enjoying the outdoors.

Choosing Experienced Professionals

Selecting a contractor who has prior experience in building senior housing facilities is paramount. Hiring professionals with knowledge of the industry will keep costs low and expedite your project for fast-track completion. March Construction has extensive experience in building senior housing facilities. We are a full-service construction management company located in Wayne, NJ, building across the Northeast (NJ, NY, PA, CT, RI) and beyond. We offer Design/Build, Pre-Construction, General Contracting, Construction Management and more. View our portfolio to see some of our of Senior Housing & Residential projects, then call us for a consultation at 973-904-0213 or send us a message on our Contact Page.

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