Industrial & Manufacturing

At March Associates Construction, we know how to plan, design, and build industrial facilities, like manufacturing plants and recycling centers.

Industrial construction has changed—design aesthetics now have a higher priority than in the past. Industrial companies realize that the way their plants look can make a positive difference in their brand image, community relationships, and corporate citizenship.

But at its heart, the development of an industrial site is a practical matter of dollars and cents. That hasn’t changed. A facility intended for manufacturing or other industrial activities must be efficient and cost-effective, with space and infrastructure tailored for its specific purpose.

In choosing a partner to serve as designer/builder, construction manager, or general contractor for industrial plant development, a company needs to look for the right combination of experience, skills, and services. March Associates has it all—and we have the long-term, trusted client relationships to prove it.


Manufacturing Plant Development & Construction

March Associates specializes in LEED-certified industrial construction to save energy, use space efficiently, and reduce waste. We know that sustainable, “green” building practices are good for both the environment and a manufacturer’s bottom line. An investment in LEED certification typically takes only a few years to be recouped in lower operating costs.

A manufacturing plant’s physical layout, utility infrastructure, HVAC systems, ventilation controls, and lighting design are all critical to reduce energy consumption and minimize recurring costs. These systems are also essential for ergonomic comfort—so workers can be as productive as possible.

Safety, information and security features—like access control, fiber network runs, and fire-suppression systems—are also important in manufacturing plant design and construction. At March Associates, our experts know the relevant building codes inside and out, across New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Recycling Center Development & Construction

March Associates can provide comprehensive design/build, construction, and general contracting services for complex industrial projects. The recycling centers we built in Beacon, New York, and Linden, New Jersey, are excellent examples.

At the Hudson Baylor recycling plant in Beacon, in the lower Hudson River Valley, we designed the mechanical, electric and plumbing systems (MEPS), as well as the steel-frame structure itself. We also did an unusual amount of concrete and steel work to accommodate the plant’s heavy dumping, sorting, and processing activities. And we proposed and value-engineered an intricate retaining wall system that was key to the integrity of the site.