Movie Theaters & Entertainment

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Buildings developed for hospitality, entertainment, and leisure run the gamut of forms and functions. One consistent theme, though, is that all of these types of buildings need to cater to the needs of their customers and cultivate their brand image.

At March Associates, we’ve planned, designed, and constructed scores of hospitality, entertainment, and leisure building projects across the Greater New York City region. From Long Island to Pennsylvania, from New Jersey to the Hudson Valley, and within the five boroughs of NYC, we have built hotels, restaurants, theaters, and fitness centers.

We create spaces that engage customers and employees, and enable efficient operations.

Theater Development & Construction

When you think about theaters, you probably think about seating comfort, food choices, and—most of all—a good view of the screen. When we build theaters, we think about those things, too--and more.

Like sound. Did you know that “auditorium” is Latin for “a place where something is heard”? A great theater experience requires not only a professional sound system but also high-quality acoustic construction materials and techniques.

How about infrastructure and ingress/egress requirements? We know that HVAC systems are as important to theater-goers’ comfort as their seats, and that lighting and emergency exits have to meet local building codes.

And of course restrooms also have to be built to code— accessible, with sufficient water, heat and power, and a capacity proportional to theater seating.

March Associates’ most recent theater construction projects is the iPic Theater in Dobbs Ferry, New York.